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February 2015

February 2015



Healing Waters

War veterans—who’ve seen more pain and devastation than most will see in a lifetime—struggle to find peace. Three days on a roiling river together with some meditation bring them a step closer to feeling good in their own skin again. Katherine Ellison reports.

Sidebar: Veterans in need

Sidebar: Symptoms of PTSD

Lean into Your Fear

Whether big hairy spiders or unopened bills fill your nightmares, next time you’re afraid, resist the run-and-scream impulse. Ed Halliwell explains why the best way to work with your fears is to approach rather than avoid. It’s a habit you can build on.

Rouse Your Generosity and Kindness

Scientific research shows that kindness reduces pain and anger and boosts well-being. In this sixth and final installment of our Getting Started series, we explore the powerful role kindness and generosity can play in our lives, and we show you ways to incorporate it into your everyday practice.

A Deeper Kind of Love

So many of us will find ourselves caring for a loved one as they brave the journey through old age, decline, and death. Caregiving is demanding—at times overwhelming—and, Nell Lake says, it can cultivate intimacy, wisdom, and insight.

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